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founder and manager

Thais Carreno

Owner and General Manager

Thais has had success in several areas throughout her career. She started as a car salesperson and became one of the top sellers for Braman Honda from 1983 to 1986. Working in sales sparked her entrepreneurial spirit and she decided to leave Braman to take her first business venture in 1987. She opened Selected Vacationers, which operated profitably and successfully for 7 years.

Her next entrepreneurial venture was born out of necessity.

After gaining 60 pounds with the birth of her 5th child at the age of 41, she realized that she needed to change her eating habits, but did not want to give up her gastronomical roots. She began to experiment with recipes and received such great feedback from family and friends that she decided to create a business from her newfound passion and LatinLite by Fat Busters was born.

Thais has now been the owner and general manager of LatinLite by Fat Busters for 21 years. Over that time she has developed over 200 low-fat recipes, many of which have been incorporated into LatinLite by Fat Busters’ menu.
Thais at 145 lbs. in 2016 with grandchildren Ralphie and Daniel
Thais Carreno at 202 lbs. in 1990 with children 3 and 4 (there are 5)
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LATINO WHO’S WHO (Apr-12-2013)

Thais D. Carreño, President and Owner, LatinLite by Fat Busters, was selected for inclusion in the 2013 edition of The Latino American Who’s Who. Thais D. Carreño.

Nestled in the bustling heart of West Miami, LatinLite is a hidden culinary gem. Originally established in 1995 as Fat Busters, LatinLite is the brainchild of restauranteur Thais Carreño. As a member of The American Obesity Association, and a recipient of Cooking Light Magazine’s Shining Light Award, Thais was determined to break the stigma of a conventional health food eatery. LatinLite’s philosophy is not about weight loss. It is about making healthful, delicious and nutritious food choices available to everyone in the community. Thais, who is a mother of five, says her secret to almost two decades of success is her love for family, food, and her community.

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No sweet maduros dripping with grease, no deep-fried croquetas or rich, fatty chunks of lechon asado. No, this is Latinlite by Fat Busters, home of Cuban Lite, where the mantra is: “No added fat or sugar.” And before you dismiss this small strip-center cafeteria/cantina as an insult to real Cuban cooking, at least sample the wares. Turkey meatballs, turkey picadillo, grilled chicken breast, tuna-stuffed sweet pepper, meatless congri. Steamed plantains, steamed pumpkin with mojo, and no-fat black beans with rice are surprisingly savory. Many other less-traditional fish and pasta dishes grace the extensive menu, which changes weekly. It’s all the brainchild of Thais Carreño, a Cuban who learned to cook light for her health and then started her own business three years ago. You’re welcome to eat on the premises, but Latinlite by Fat Busters is more of a take-out deli. Carreno and company will also prepare (and deliver, if requested) an entrée and three sides every day, cooked to your individual diet requirements.

“Miami’s own Thais Carreno is one of four “Shining Lights” honored in the October issue of Cooking Light Magazine. Carreno, who was featured in Food & Fitness last year, is singled out for her contributions to healthful Cuban cooking.”

“You won’t find butter, heavy oils, eggs or beef in Thais’ kitchen, but you will find eggbeaters, low fat and fat free sour cream, low fat milk, and plenty of white meats.”

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